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Koppang (from Old Norse kaupangr: shopping center, trade center), town and administrative center in Stor-Elvdal municipality, Hedmark, Østerdalen. On the national Route 3, 91 km north of Elverum. The population of Koppang (January 2009) is 1156.

Our family branch originates from the farm Gammelstu-Koppang in the town of Koppang, and back to our ancestor Anders Olsen, born 1628.

According to Statistics Norway (http://www.ssb.no/navn/), 2010, there are 270 people in Norway bearing the surname Koppang. These people are spread over large parts of the country and with different site connections. Descendants of Anders Olsen are found in Norway, Sweden and England, as well as in the United States.

After a painting by Olaf Krohn (1863 - 1933),
painted in 1884.

In representing the Koppang family line after Sheriff Paul Koppang (1799-1878), Trysil, Hedmark (pictured at left), please contact me at roar@koppang.org

Genealogy Index prepared by Kolbjørn Koppang (1881-1943) in 1942, with subsequent updates, is available through the Deichman Library in Oslo. (Search related registry Koppang) Here the family is well documented and followed up through the centuries to the present day.
The Koppang Genealogical Register is continously updated and we are seeking contact with people who are associated with our family and who have not previously been registered.

Marks were the owner insignias that in ancient times were fitted to houses, tools and artifacts. Marks followed the farm and its owner, and were composed of simple geometric shapes. Marks were also used as signatures of people who could not write. Often marks were inserted in the owner's seal, and there is also heraldry of non-noble generations seals or crests.

Source: Ascheoug and Gyldendal's Norwegian Encyclopedia - 1999.

Gammelstu-Koppang (Bø)
Mark used by Ole Andersen in a document he signed in 1718.

The village Koppang in the Olden Days
View samples of my collection of old post cards from Koppang.
Map from 1888.

Rail transport in Norway 150 years

Koppang station on Norwegian stamp NK 1542.
Issued June 18, 2004. Design: Sverre Morken.

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